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Latihan Soal Bahasa Inggris

I.    Reading
      Read the text carefully then answer the questions correctly!
         One of the most interesting animals in the zoo is the giraffe. This the giraffe we saw in the zoo. It is mammals and it is about six meters tall.
         The giraffe has big brown eyes. They are protected by very thick lashes. This giraffe has brown spots on the skin. This coloring helps protect the giraffe. It also has two short horns on its head.
          Like a camel, it can go for a long time without drinking water. One source of water is the leaves which it eats from trees. It is tall, so the giraffe can reach the tender leaves at the top of a tree.
          The giraffe has two methods of self protection. If something frightens an adult giraffe, it can gallop away at about fifty kilometers per hour or stay to fight with its strong legs.
1.   What are the giraffe’s eyes protected by?
2.   How many horns does the giraffe have on its head?
3.   Can the giraffe go far a long time without drinking water?
4.   Why can the giraffe reach the tender leaves at the top of a tree?
5.   How does the giraffe protect it self if something frightens it?
6.   How fast can the giraffe run?
7.   What is a good title for the text?
II.   Writing
a.   Complete the sentences with the correct form of the words in brackets!
1.   Dina is as …. (pretty) as her mother.
2.   I think studying in a group is … (good) than studying alone.
3.   Mt. Everest is …. (high) mountain in the world.
4.   The TV program that I watch last night was … (interesting)
5.   A kilogram of rice is the same …. (expensive) as a liter of patrol.
6.   Which one is …. (fast), a bus or a train ?
7.   Look at the flowers in the garden!
      I think roses are … (beautiful).
8.   There is a … (little) coffee in the glass left.
9.   His report is …. (bad) than mine.
10. China is the country with … (big) population. 
b.   Number
      1. Write positive, comparative and superlative degree.
      2. Write comparative and superlative degrees based on the situation below.
1.   Adi is 175 sm
      Baby is 170 cm
      Carly is 160 cm and Didik is too.
2.   Number one     :  8 x 25 =
      Number two     :   415     320
                                         x         =
                                   8           5
      Number three   :   686       75
                                         x         =
                                   8           5


A. Reading
Read the text and choose the correct answer (a, b, c, d)

Text 1

       Indonesia is a rich country. People know that it has many kinds of plants and animals. Thousands of them spread out all over the jungles in Indonesia. But most of them are in danger of extinction.
       To overcome this problem, government builds game preserves, national park, zoos, bird sanctuaries for the protection of birds and animals. Forest preserves botanical gardens, natural preserves are built for the protection of plants.
        Rafflesia Arnoldi is one of the rare plants. But we can see it at Bogor Botanical Garden. There we can also find various of orchids, every species of tropical vegetation, special herbs for medicine, plants from foreign countries, etc.
        Rhinocheros and elephants are kinds of rare animals. You can find rhinoceros in Ujung Kulon preserve and elephants in Way Kambas preserve.

1.   According to the text, are all of plants and animals extinct?
      a. They are danger of extinction                  c. No, there aren’t
      b. Yes, they are                                              d. No, they aren’t

2.   How does the government make an attempt to find off plants and animals?
      a. By building game preserves, national park, zoos, bird sanctuaries.
      b. By building Botanical Garden.
      c. Thousands of them spread out all over the jungles.
      d. In Ujung Kulon and Way Kambas.

3.   Where was Rafflesia Arnoldi found at the first time?
      a. In Bogor                                                     c. In Bengkulu
      b. In Kalimantan                                             d. In Ujung Kulon

4.   ”But we can see it ... “ (paragraph 3). What does the word “it” refer to?
      a. Bogor Botanical Garden                          c. Natural preserves
      b. Rafflesia Arnoldi                                       d. The protection of the plants

5.   What kind of animals are protected in Way Kambas preserve?
      a. Elephants                                                   c. Rhinocheros
      b. Rafflesia Arnoldi                                       d. Elephants and Rhinocheros

6.   What is the main idea of paragraph four?
      a. Rinocheros and elephants are kinds of rare animals.
      b. Ujung Kulon and Way Kambas are preserves.
      c. The protection of the rare animals.
      d. You can find rhinoceros in Ujung Kulon preserve and elephants in Way Kambas.

Text 2
The Donkey, the cock, and the lion

        A donkey and a cockerel were in a straw – yard together when a lion drew near. He was about to spring on the donkey when the cock crowed so loudly that the lion fled it is said that lions fear the sound of crowing cocks.
        The donkey thought that the lion fled because of him. Then he galloped after the lion intending to attack him. But when the lion had run a little off and could not hear the cock, he turned round, seized the donkey and tore him to pieces.
        As he was dying, the donkey brayed, ”How stupid of me to set out to fight when I was not born to war like parents!”.

7.   How many characters are there in the story?
      a. one                               b. two                       c. three                          d. four

8.   Where did the story happen?
      a. In the jungle                  b. In a straw - yard  c. In the yard      d. In the forest
9.   Why did the lion flee when hearing the sound of the crowing cocks?
      a. Because he was afraid of the cock.
      b. Because he was afraid of the donkey.
      c. Because the lion is a wild animal.
      d. Because he was afraid of the sound of the crowing cocks.

10. Did the donkey think that the lion was afraid of him?
      a. No, he didn’t                                                 c. He thought he was afraid of him
      b. Yes, it is                                                        d. Yes, he did

11. Text 3  Number 11 - 15
      Read the text carefully and give the short answers

                                                                                                            Jl. Merdeka No. 5 Malang
                                                                                                            October 15, 2006
      To : Dian
      Jl. Sudirman No. 2

      Dear Dian,

I’m surprised to receive your letter. I’m delighted to get your invitation to spend the coming holidays with you in your town. I’m pleased to accept your invitation. Luckily I’m completely free then, so I’ll say “yes”, and I’m able to come to Cimahi on October 20. The idea of visiting interesting places sounds marvelous and I promise to bring you, your favorite food for the journey. Well, see you then.

      Yours truly


11. Who lives at three Jl. Merdeka Malang ?
12. Who wrote the letter first, Dian or Johan ?
13. When did Johan write a letter ?
14. Can Johan come to Cimahi ?
15. ……. Sounds marvelous and I promise to bring you,……
      What does the word “ I “ refer to ?

B. Writing
1) Choose the correct answer ( a, b, c or d ) for the number 1 – 10
      1. The bell rings at half past six, but it will be …….. if you come ten minutes before.
          a. good                         b. well                      c. better                         d. the best

      2. Study ….., please. Don’t ……..
          a. hard – lazy                                                c. hard – be lazy
          b. harder – lazy                                             d. hardest – lazier

      3. Andy has tree marbles, Boby has five marbles and Carly has ten.
          X : Do you know who has ………marbels ?
          Y : Of course. Carly does.
          a. the fewest                b. many                    c. more                          d. the most

      4. …… any eggs on the plate. He has eaten them all.
          a. There are                 b. There aren’t        c. Are there                   d. There is

      5. The ……. is a tame animal. It ……. in the south Pole.
          a. penguin – lives                                         c. fish – live
          b. tiger – lives                                               d. bird – live

      6. Rini …….. both noodles and meatballs. But she prefers meatballs….noodles.
          a. like – than                b. likes – to             c. like better-than          d. like – to

      7. Santy ….. Pop songs……. Dangdut songs.
          a. prefers – than                                           c. likes – better than
          b. would – better than d. would – than

      8. One day a little boy ….. by the pond and he ….. into the water.
          a. play – fall                                                   c. played - fall   
         b. plays – falls                                                d. played – fell

      9. Rani and her brother always ….. their bikes to school.
          a. ride                           b. rides                    c. rode                           d. riding

   10. Bob is a ……. Boy. He is scared of nothing.
          a. brave                        b. strong                  c. big                              d. clever

2) Match the sentences in column A with the words in colomn B.
It is the part of plant which looks for food
a. photosynthesis
One source of water which giraffe eats from trees.
b. wood
The slowest animal in the world
c. Cheetah
The leaves make food from water and minerals from
d. mouse deer

the root by the help of the sunlight
e. roots
Its fur can be made wool
f.  food
There are many kinds of trees grow there
g. leaves
We have some Nationals Park. One of them is located in
h. cave

Central Kalimantan
i. snail
The smart and cunning animal in the story
j. orang utan
The story about a son who didn’t recognize his mother.
k. sheep

Finally he turned into a stone.
L. Tanjung Puting
We usually find many bats in it.
m. Malin Kundang

3) Answer the questions below ( short answer )
      21. I am a tame animal. I have two long ears.
            Carrot is my favorite food.
            What animal am I ?

     22. X : Would you come to my house, Yahya ?
           Y : ………. I can’t
                 May be some other time

      23. We can find some kinds of tigers in Indonesia
            Are there any tigers in Papua ?

     24. The giraffe can gallop away at about fifty kilometers per hour.
            What is the synonym of gallop ?

     25. Which is the highest mountain in Java, Merapi or Semeru ?

26. Look at the picture and describe it.


27. Study the following situation and then complete the dialogue.
      Your father has just bought you a new bike.
      When you are riding on it, your friend comes.
      He asks you to tell him about the new bike.
      You                  :     Hi, I’ve bought a new bike.
      Your friend      :     ………. ?
      You                  :     My father did.
      Your friend      :     ………. ?
      You                  :     Sure. It has a black and soft saddle.
                                    And it can be ridden fast.

28. Study the following situation and then make :
      a. positive degree                                           
      b. comparative degree
      c. superlative degree
      My belt is 40 cm long and Edy’s too.
      Fredy’s belt is 50 cm long and Gani’s is 75 cm long.

29.You invite your friend, Tuty to come to your party. She promises to come.
      What would you say?
      How would she reply?

30. Arrange these words into good sentences!
      a. playing – TV – to – Dedy – computer – watching – prefers.
      b. hour – plane – the – took – ago – an – off.


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